Beceem Wimax

Quick start guide for beceem wimax

1. make
2. cp macxvi* /lib/firmware
3. insmod ./drxvi340.ko
4. ifconfig eth1 up
5. cd tools/
6. ./
7. wimaxd -c /etc/wimaxd.conf
8. wimaxc -i

> versions
CSCM Version
Firmware Version 5.2.254
Driver Version 5.2.35
Library Version 5.2.69
Baseband Chip Version bece3300
RF Chip Version 6600
EEPROM Version 04.02
MAC Address 00-1f-fb-11-00-67
Calibrated Yes – Band(s) 0

3 thoughts on “Beceem Wimax

  1. Is there further information on where to find this beceem wimax for downloading? I THINK this will help me make Clear wireless work on Linux. Or at least I HOPE so. :-)

  2. Hi, are you willing to share the source code for wimaxc, wimaxd and drxvi340.ko that you refer to in these instructions as well as the macxvi* firmware files?

    I have not been able to find them anywhere.


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