Posted by: wireless80211 | November 12, 2009

Beceem Wimax

Quick start guide for beceem wimax

1. make
2. cp macxvi* /lib/firmware
3. insmod ./drxvi340.ko
4. ifconfig eth1 up
5. cd tools/
6. ./
7. wimaxd -c /etc/wimaxd.conf
8. wimaxc -i

> versions
CSCM Version
Firmware Version 5.2.254
Driver Version 5.2.35
Library Version 5.2.69
Baseband Chip Version bece3300
RF Chip Version 6600
EEPROM Version 04.02
MAC Address 00-1f-fb-11-00-67
Calibrated Yes – Band(s) 0

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  1. Is there further information on where to find this beceem wimax for downloading? I THINK this will help me make Clear wireless work on Linux. Or at least I HOPE so. :-)

    • I cannot get your point, why do you need beceem wimax to make sure your wireless work on linux?

  2. Hi, are you willing to share the source code for wimaxc, wimaxd and drxvi340.ko that you refer to in these instructions as well as the macxvi* firmware files?

    I have not been able to find them anywhere.


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